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"Oter Grup" is not one of the oldest transport companies on the market, but benefits from the contribution of two people with experience. (the two directors - Simona Enache and Alexandru Budoaica)

Was founded in 2004 and it is active since then on the market.

At the beginning, Oter started only with 3 members, a phone, a computer and a lot of optimism. Now we are 16 members, all professional in what we are doing.

In the first two years the company was only an expedition firm, now has it's own fleet. The company's fleet currently includes 6 Iveco trucks, which cover approximately 35% of all orders, for the rest, Oter Grup is collaborating with reliable partners in the market.

In 2014, it appeared on the site as the most profitable companies in the transport feald from sector 6 of Bucharest.

The firm has 2 major departments: commercial and expeditor.

My position in this firm is "International Expeditor", (expeditor department).

I am an employee of O.T.E.R GRUP since 09.10.2015 until now.

My job is to find partners that can load and deliver the goods for our clients. For that, I am communicating via phone and email with our partners. As an expeditor I know what goods our clients have to deliver (location, size and weight), sometimes we know the budget that the clients have for the transportation, and I have to negotiate the prices so we can successfully deliver the goods in time.

Speaking of internal communication, the chain is:

Client > Commercial department > Director > Expeditor > Partners > Expeditor > Commercial department> Client> Commercial department> back to Expeditor > Partners.

The client calls our commercial department asking us to make a deliver for them, (or the commercial department calls the clients asking them if we can help them out with a transportation). If so, the commercial department send the information to the Director so he can assign the transportation informations to the expeditors.

When we recive the information about the location, size and weight of the goods, we must find solution (calling partners or sending emails) to make the transportation happen in time and with no incidents. After we have a solution for the clients, we give this new information back to the commercial department so they can call back or send an email to the clients, informing them about our solution and price for the transportation. If they agree with our terms and price, they give back the OK to the commercial department. If so, commercial send us back this OK, so we can inform the partners that they now have the permission to load the goods and deliver in time.

Business SWOT Analysis


- What advantages does your organization have?

We are well organized, the communication chain is well defined.

- What do you do better than anyone else?

We have this 2 great teams (commercial and expeditor) that communicate all the time, comparing to other firms where the expeditors must do all the work.

- What unique or lowest-cost resources can you draw upon that others can't?

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