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  • Imagine document Means of transport

    Means of transport

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    The traffic dislocation in Thailand. Transport or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from the Latin trans ("across") and portare ("to carry"). Industries which have the business of providing transport... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Dignity in Kazuo Ishiguro's the Remains of the Day

    Dignity in Kazuo Ishiguro's the Remains of the Day

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    Winner of the Booker Prize in 1989 for Best Fiction, Kazuo Ishiguro's The remains of the day is one of the highly-regarded post-war British novels. The novel tells the story of an English butler who dedicates his life to the loyal service of Lord Darlington, an English gentleman, in... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Prezentare despre Muzica

    Prezentare despre Muzica

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    The mankind liked the sound of the music and the twitter of the birds, from the beginning. By the time the music has been develop, so appeared many people with great talent beginning with Orpheus, and finishing with Luciano Pavarotti (born 1935, Italian operatic tenor). Around the... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Winter Holiday Seasons Traditions

    Winter Holiday Seasons Traditions

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    In Romania, the winter holiday season is truly in full-swing from December 24 to January 7. Highlights include: Christmas Day, New Year and Epiphany, with their respective eves. The most important feature of these celebrations is their unique variety of colorful Romanian customs,... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Personal Management

    Personal Management

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    Capital of India, Delhi, is two cities breathing within one; Old Delhi and New Delhi. While Old Delhi still reflects its Mughal heritage replete with forts, bazaars, mosques and temples, New Delhi on the other hand exudes grace and elegance with its broad avenues, beautiful homes and... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Targeting


    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    Targeting - identifying which market segments offer the best market-product fit. 4 Targeting Strategies: 1.a Undifferentiated (Mass marketing) - one product targeted at all segments. 2. Concentrated (Niche Marketing) - one product targeted at one segment. 3. Differentitated -... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Engleza - Gramatica

    Engleza - Gramatica

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    1. Habits and routines Obiceiuri si rutine e.g. - Karen usually deals with the clients. Karen, de obicei, se ocupa cu clientii. - I often get junk emails from unknown companies. Adesea primesc e-mailuri nedorite de la companii necunoscute. 2. Permanent/general situations... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Beer


    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    A wild yeast can be defined as : each yeast that one not voluntarily uses in the brewery w.o.w. each yeast other than culture yeast. Not all wild yeasts are dangerous for beer and not all wild yeasts are beer spoilers, but their presence is an indication of undesirable infection. The... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Present Simple and Cont

    Present Simple and Cont

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    1. Translate into English: a. Pe cind vorbeste d. Turtureanu, d. Capitan Pandele citeste gazeta de seara, iar d. Lefter asculta dus pe ginduri. La un moment dat, d. Popescu se face palid: un domn a intrat in berarie si trece pe linga masa lor catra fund. Este seful sau de la ministe,... citeste tot seminarul

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  • Imagine document Wild Dreams

    Wild Dreams

    Seminar / Engleza / Facultate

    You find yourself at a banquet table. You feel disaffected because the people surrounding you are speaking a language you do not understand. Suddenly, beneath the table, you feel someone's foot on top of your own. You glance up. Your eyes meet those of an attractive person and you sense... citeste tot seminarul

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