Truman Life Goes On

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Exclusive for our readers we investigated how Meryl s and Marlon s lives undisputed the two closest people to Truman in his period of life as the star in the unique and inimitable reality show on TV- will be like after the show has ended. We will reveal you the whole truth. As an extra especially for our readers we printed some latest photos of Meryl alias Cindy Bradshaw and Marlon alias Frank Heppner. But the pictures already divulge that the lives go into quite different directions. Whereas Cindy how she told us in an interview that we had only recently never dared to dream of a career like that, Frank isn t blessed with luck and wealth. More likely the opposite: he has to toil for his existence. You see life can t be planned like the way of acting of an extra. Some people lead a charmed life - others don t, that is destiny.

Cindy, already pleased with great popularity during the show, can t hardly escape from all the offers she gets. Her success in show business is just incredible. As she told us she will shoot a film with Robin Williams and Julia Roberts in which she will play an unscrupulous killer. Of course, our readers will find out more in one of our next issues. In addition she can be seen in some TV commercials.

Frank, Truman s best friend during the show, doesn t seem to be as successful as Cindy is. Some attempts to get his feet into the music trade failed. At the moment he lives in a place for homeless people. Unfortunately we couldn t find out more about his present situation because Frank refuses every statement.


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