The War Of Secession

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War of secession Subdivision 1. General information 2. The Background 3. The occasion (s) 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. The war 6. The South since the war 1. General information - 1861 to 1865 - the rivals: northern industrial nations southern agricultural nations of America - a different elaboration 2. The Background - the different elaboration: northern America: - there was the economic- industrial focal point - an abundant food production - they had the most traffic connections - numerous growing cities - slavery was unlawful - a population of 22. 000. 000 (most were free citizens) southern America: - a missing employer class - missing movable capital - they wanted to enlarge their property - wanted the preservation of slavery and the imperious position of the whites - wanted to preserve the economic basis - about 9 million inhabitants (more than 30% were not free slaves) 3. The occasion - the economic- political contrast conflict of slavery - the election of Abraham Lincoln for President of the United States, he was the reason in the conflict of the slavery- question announcement of resignation of 11 southern nations (this is called secession) they based the Confederated States of the United States of America, a completely independent government, and elected Jefferson Davis as their President 4. Abraham Lincoln - was born in 1809, 12. February in Hodgenville/ Kentucky - son of a Kentucky frontiersman - mother died when he was ten - lived in a second- class family - married Mary Todd four sons - he made a lot of jobs - in his early political career he already worked against the slavery - 1858: he wanted a seat in the senate, worked as a Republican against the Democrat Stephen A. Douglas lost the election - 1860: he wanted to become President, won the election - largest problem was the secession of the southern States - was the commander in Chief of the Union s troops - was a diplomatic politician - 1864: wanted to take the prohibition of slavery into the construction - 1864: won the re- election wanted reconstruction and peace - but his enemy John Wilkes Booth shoot him in Ford s Theatre in Washington D. C. in 1865, 14. April, because of the limited right to vote for black people - he died the following day - now a days he is the simple for unity, democracy and for liberation of the slaves 5. The war - two important people for the civil war: 1. General Robert E. Lee (leader of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia; before Lincoln offered him the command of the Union Army but he couldn t accept) 2. General Ulyssees S. Grant (determined and skilful leader of the Union Army) - the Union sent 1556678 soldiers into the war; the Confederates 1082119 soldiers - February, 9. in 1861: the confederated states of the USA are formed with J. Davis as their president - Lincoln would have let the Southerners keep their slaves if they had rejoined the Union, but it was too late - they (the Southerners) astonished the world ...

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