The plastic arts

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Plastic arts combine all practices or activities that perform an artistic, aesthetic or poetic representation through forms or volumes.

Art, says Tudor Vianu, "is the most perfect form of human labor," in which the intelligence and sensibility of the human being materialize through concrete sensory images.

Plastic art has the following branches, known as martial arts - painting, sculpture, graphics and minor art - decorative art.

I choose to describe the painting in this project, this being a passion for mine, put into practice in my spare time.

Painting = creating images of reality or imagination by color on a flat surface. The goal is to get a composition with shapes, colors, textures and drawings that gives birth to a work of art in accordance with aesthetic principles.

Painting is one of the oldest human artistic expressions ( it is known from the time of the Upper Palaeolithic - the 1 st millennium before Christ).

The painting aims to develop among the people the aesthetic taste and understanding of the beautiful; educate interest and love of beauty.

Types of picture: view, static nature, portrait, animal painting and thematic composition (historical, religious, mythological, battalion).

Over time, we learned to manipulate the words. But when we paint, the answer is immediate, real and can not be masked. People with different characters will work in different styles, and these styles can be surprising. Someone reserved will reveal a part of their personality that we would not have believed to exist. Certain features of character are highlighted by painting.

Any creative act in which we invest our energy in a tangible product is therapeutic in itself. I think the act of creating something is fundamental and it is about survival.

Being creative, producing something with your own hands and your own imagination can be a liberating and satisfying act. And, from a psychological point of view, it keeps us healthy.

My thought flies to primitive man and to fire. Many millennia ago, fire was an element of nature, a danger to those who were too close to him. A Punishment or Threat to Providence. How did man come to take the terrible fire and bring him to the cave, to light and warm his home, to make his food more tasty and digestible, and how much more, it shows how natural and essential for human progress is creativity.

The primitive man thought, as in the language of our day, "out of the box".

As far as I am concerned, I prefer to paint natural landscapes, objects of nature, plants, animated characters. Through the painting I introduce my thoughts, feelings, aesthetic ideals in my works, giving a distinct nuance to things, personally interpreting the idea and the theme, expressing my attitude towards life.

My passion for painting began at the age of 11, at the age of 15 I began to present my work at expositions or various competitions.

I think the art of painting reflects the creative act in which creation speaks to us.

Below I attach three of my creations.

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