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The Midlands is in the middle in England between the south of England, east England, the North Sea and the north of England as well as Wales on the Westside with the Cambrian mountains. The climate is mild. There are high precipitation, strong hoist and low differences between the temperature in the summer and the winter, on the day and at night. The landscape is hilly. In the Midlands the source of the river is Thames. One of the values of the region is the fact that revolution in the iron bridge began the industrielle, a city in the Westmidlands.

1709 were melted iron with the coal, which was used there during as fuel for heating - this paved the way for the use of the iron and the steel in many sectors of the industriellen of life. In the former times the region lost much its industry because of the world-wide recession and too expensive production. Now it is one of the largest industrial areas in the world. The Midlands is very famous for their industries. In the counties Yorkshire, are Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire the largest coal - pits. There is many iron work, a quantity of steel industry, mechanical engineering nature and cotton - industry. Like that the Midlands is the emphasis of the English metallurgy.

In England are two Midlands, which are called west and east inland. Westmidlands is one of the smallest regions of England.

It has a surface of 13000 square kilometers. A large region is used in the west and in the north for agriculture. The population amounts to approx. 5, 3 million. 80% of it live in a city.

Many cities have important industries agrakultur of the machines, the Potterys and the carpets. East inland is not famous as Westmidlands as, but it is a beautiful region, where many tourists travel, in order to search after some old churches or other one. It is a region, in which the religion plays a large role.

Birmingham is it an important city, because it is the secondly largest city and an important metropolis of the industry and culture in the Westmidlands.

There 1. 014. 000 inhabitants live. Birmingham BRUM. is called by them. It is industrialcenter world-wide the largest city of Great Britain to London and the largest. Industries are steel, mechanical engineering nature, car - production for example vagabond, jewelry and food. The name of Birmingham comes from the Famlie De Birmingham. This city was already in the year 1538 an industry - city.

During the industriellen revolution was Birmingham the largest industrielle business center of England.

The city has many shopping centres, is the central library, one of the largest libraries, largest Shakespeare - compilation from the USA with 50. 000 volumes in 90 languages and the famous city hall. It is the musical center of Birmingham with one of the world-best organs and it looks like a Roman elbow.

Oxford is a part of the county Oxfordshire. The city has approximately 116, 600 inhabitants. It is a well-known university town in Europe. In 912 it was mentioned ...

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