The Hispanics In The Usa

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not uncommon to hear Spanish spoken in cities the USA ->1950: 4 million U. S. residents were from Spanish-speaking countriesToday: 27 million other 50% come from a variety of countries: + El Salvado + the Dominican Republic + Colombia most Hispanics see themselves in terms of their individual ethnic identity: as Mexican American, as Puerto Rican, as Cuban, as Latino. Hispanics were the fastest growing group in the U. S., soon to become the largest minority group Hispanic heritage in the U. S. goes back a long time: when Plymouth was founded in 1620, Santa Fe was celebrating its first decade; St. Augustine its 55th anniversary Spanish settlements developed in the southwest of todays U. S. and also in the Gulf coast Puerto Ricans were granted American citizenship in 1917-> Reason to go to the USA: Economic depressions, two world wars forced, search for better opportunities History there were big civilsation in the past of our times in South America: + he Anasazi (New Mexico) + the Maya (Central America) + the Inca (Peru) + the Toltec (Mexico) + the Aztec (Mexico) 1492 Cristopher Columbus landed -> called the land the Indies, people Indians C. C. returned to Spain -> the wave of Eurpean exploration began made more trips to the area of his discovery and explored portions of modern day Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas.

In 1498, Vasco de Gama reached India by rounding the southern tip of Africa and sailing across the Indian Ocean. As a result of the achievements of Columbus and de Gama, the Pope divided the Wesern Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal For almost the next one hundred years, Spain enjoyed a virtual monopoly in the exploration, settlement and development of North and South America Juan Ponce de Leon, became the first of the Spanish advancers of Columbuss discoveries 1508 he exlored Puerto Rico 1509 Jamaica, Cuba in the years following 1511 1542, Spain had developed a relatively sophisticated system to administer its new lands During the period of conquest, approximately 300, 000 Spaniards had emigrated to the New World established over 200 cities and towns throughout North and South Americathe colonial society of New Spain was headed by major office holders who were appointed by the Crown this group controlled the Indian workers and the black slaves imported from Africa (agricultural and mining labor) Hispanic Americans have been active contributors to U. S. life since before the 13 original colonies declared their independence in 1776 Spanish-speaking people populated much of the Southeast and Southwest before these territories became part of the U. S. Landscape (Spanish colonies of Florida and Louisiana, and the vast expanse of New Spain (present-day states of California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico) Reasons To Go To The ...

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