The future school

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It would be a way of online learning, the children would come to school only to take the tests that would be taken on a special tablet.

The exams would be more frequent (once 2 week) which includes all the subjects in one 2 hours test

The children that fail the exams would take an online course to learn what they have failed and then they would take the exam again

If a kid fails an exam for more than 3 times he will be transfered at a school with actual teachers

There would not be any posibility of cheating.

No more paper so the trees are being saved a little.

There would be a automatic system of corecting the tests.

The schools can be transformed in hospitals and shelters for the homeless beacause the kids will have to come to schools just to take the exams.

We'll need a petition and we will need a lot of people to sign it and aprove it and we will need the minister of education to be on our side.

The teachers will need to slowly start to introduce the new technology to the system by teaching the kids how to search the information they need and learning it from that surce.

The schools will have to provide tablets or laptops for the childrens

More teamwork less or no homeworks

All the kids will be present at the tests.

There would be more free time for the child.

The children's stress will lower.

The tests would be much easier and objective.

The children would be more motivated to learn.

The child-computer relation would grow and that will help the kid in his future job.

The learning materials would be trimmed more compact.

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