The Dictatorship Of Adolf Hitler

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Two years later it came to a revolt-attempt against the government. Hitler appointed himself as the chancellor of Germany. But this revolt was broken and Hitler was convinced to prison for a lot of years. The National Socialist German labour party was forbidden. During the time of imprisonment, Hitler wrote his Book my fight. He wrote his political thoughts in this book. He was reprieved and earlier released as he was convinced before.

He reconstructed the National Socialist German labour party.

He made a lot of propaganda: He said that the bad economy in this time was the dept of the Jews and the Marxists. For the people in Germany it was hope in this bad days, because Hitler promised them that he would improve their live-standarts. Hitler was appointed to the chancellor 1933 (nineteen-thirty-three) by the President of Germany, Hindenburg. After the death of hindenburg 1934 (nineteen-thirty-four) Hitler overtook the place from Hindenburg and was now Leader and Chancellor. He built now a Leader state and armed Germany in six years. He made a lot of Race-ideology and influenced the people with his thoughts about foreigners, Jews and other races. He dissolved the trade unions and made laws against communists and Jews. The Nazis took the possession and the properties of their opponents. They forbade other partys like the SPD and made a law against the new formation of partys. Then they limited the Freedom of the press and of assembly. He started the second world war 1939 (nineteen-thirty-nine) with the assault of Polen. In the following years he was as the leader of Germany responsible for the arrest and genocide of millions of people. Much of them were Jews or people without the same opinion like the nazis. Adolf Hitler comitted suicide eight (8) days before the capitulation of Germany. Many people died under the crime of the Nazis. It isn t possible to say exactly how many died: -about six millions Jews, -three-million-three-hundret-thousand Russian prisoner of war -two-million-five-hundret-thousand Polish people -at least hundred-thousand forced labourer from the Soviet Union -at least five-hundred-thousand Yugoslavs -at least hundred-thousand Czech people -at least eighty-four-thousand Italians and other transported people -two-hundret-nineteen-thousand-six-hundret Gypsys -about hundred-thousand Spirit patients and obstructed persons -hundred-thirty-thousand german citizen who were against the Regime Altogether: Military victims in the second world war: (NOT GERMAN VICTIMS! ): seven-teen-million-two-hundred-thousand Civil victims in the second world war: (NOT THE GERMAN VICTIMS! ): More than fifteen-million-eight-hundred-thousand ...

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