The Day After Tomorrow

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Jack Hall (Denis Quaid) is a climatologist who has come to the result that teh world is fast approaching a new ice age. He think that the event will happen in 50 to 100 years. But in one week the weather is chancing.

Tornados rip through Los Angeles, in Tokio is a big hailstorm and so on. Vice President Becker ignores Jack warnings and leaving the country without a plan of defense when the disaster happens. Then New Work is flooded and Jack S son Sam (Jake Gyllenhall) is holded up with his friends and a group of refugees in the library. Sam told this to his father, when he makes a last phone call. Then the ice storm comes over New York and Jack must go to search his son. He and his friends went out into the unfreindly westher in search of Sam. It s a impossible trek that will be a wlk from Philadelphia to Manhattan. Some of what The day after tomorrow has to offer is exciting. Some is just plain stupid like Sam s tussle with a pack of wolves, on a ship in the middle of Manhattan, or something like this. ...

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