Genetically modified organisms

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What are genetically modified organisms?
What is genetic engineering?
How many are genetically modified plants?
Risks of genetically modified organisms
What are the consequences for farmers?
The impact of consumption of genetically modified organisms on the human Body

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Genetically modified foods have begun to become more and more present in our lives, whether we give it up or not.

There are two camps: one that says genetic engineering does not have to be harmful, and on the other is European organizations that protest against this kind of food.

methods of direct and controlled manipulation and modification of the DNA molecules that make up the genetic material of an organism.

these methods have been called general genetic engineering techniques

through them, we can isolate a gene that is responsible for the attribution of interest from an organism and transfer it directly to another organism completely different from the first

are those organisms (micro-organisms, plants or animals) whose genetic material has been altered by direct manipulation of their own DNA using genetic engineering techniques.

Genetic engineering is a new, radical and violent technology that destroys barriers between species and kingdoms

This essentially involves the transfer of genes from one species to another or from one kingdom to another.

The first genetically modified plant was introduced to the environment in 1995 in the US. So very recently.

There are 3 main types of such plants grown globally:

Insecticidal crops: the plants function as an insecticide

Cultures resistant to Round Up herbicide that, after application, destroy all the flora in the agricultural field, with the exception of the genetically modified plant

Cultures that combine both of these features


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