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  • Imagine document Government of Romania

    Government of Romania

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    The SWOT has been used as a tool to define and assess the key strategic issues that emerge from the NSRF Socio-Economic Analysis and to define the Priorities. The exercise indicates how the Structural Instruments could be best utilized to achieve the strategic objectives of NSRF. The... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Tabele PHP

    Tabele PHP

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    Joins and Keys Sometimes we have to select data from two or more tables to make our result complete. We have to perform a join. Tables in a database can be related to each other with keys. A primary key is a column with a unique value for each row. The purpose is to bind data... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Parser de Argumente C

    Parser de Argumente C

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    This is a class to aid handling of command line arguments in a C++ program. It follows (and enforces) the unsual conventions. New arguments are added by calling functions of the form of new_[optional_/named_]type. - type is the type of the value for the argument (int, double, string,... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Test your vocabulary 4

    Test your vocabulary 4

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    1. Este foarte de incredere desi este incapatanat. He is very dependable, although he is headstrong./pig headed/obstinate/stubborn. 2. Sticla aceasta este opaca. This glass is opaque. 3. El e foarte atent (nu attentive) cu ceilalti. He is very considerate with the others. 4. A... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Geotehnica - Engleza

    Geotehnica - Engleza

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    The permeability of a soil is a measure of its capacity to allow the flow of a fluid (a liquid or a gas in general water) through it. The principle is that soil consists of solid particles with voids between them. In general the voids are interconnected, which enables water to pass... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Circulatia Atmosferica - Atmosferic Circulation

    Circulatia Atmosferica - Atmosferic Circulation

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    Many components of the Earth are in motion (e.g. the atmosphere, oceans, biological systems), though some move rather slowly (e.g. continents, mantle). Each of these systems play a role in the distribution of energy and thus the climate of the Earth. These systems can be thought of as... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Teste in Engleza - Zootehnie

    Teste in Engleza - Zootehnie

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    -Theme:Cattle management - -1.________ for cows should be cleansed and disinfected regulary.- -Stable- -Place- -Barn- -Both of them- -2.The stable should be in connection with be born in whitc the _______ are stared.- -Feeding stuffs- -Grain- -Hay- -Silages- -3.________ are... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Sisteme cu Control Distribuit

    Sisteme cu Control Distribuit

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    If you are designing a client-server system you may also have to design a communication protocol between the client and the server. Of course, sometimes this protocol is already have been decided for you, e.g. HTTP, XML-RPC (XML over HTTP), or SOAP (also XML over HTTP). But once in a... citeste tot laboratorul

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  • Imagine document Aparate Electrice L 1-5

    Aparate Electrice L 1-5

    Laborator / Engleza / Facultate

    Scopul lucrarii Studiul conditiilor de formare, mentinere si stingere ale arcului electric de curent continuu, trasarea caracteristicilor statice si dinamice, analiza diverselor solutii constructive utilizate realizarea dispozitivelor de stingere ale arcului electric de curent continuu... citeste tot laboratorul

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