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  • Imagine document Educația în Societatea Cunoașterii

    Educația în Societatea Cunoașterii

    Eseu / Psihopedagogie / Facultate

    Notiunea de societatea cunoasterii (Knowledge Society) este utilizata astazi in intreaga lume, fiind o prescurtare a termenului societate bazata pe cunoastere (Knowledge-based society). Societatea cunoasterii reprezinta mai mult decat societatea informationala (informatica),...

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  • Imagine document Good Manners aren't Natural and Have to be Tought

    Good Manners aren't Natural and Have to be Tought

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    Good manners aren't natural and have to be taught. In today's society, you see disprespectful acts on television, in movies and in your everyday life. That's why it's so easy for a teenager to get caught in the trap of rudeness. All students should be etiquette in schools. When you make...

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  • Imagine document Proteine


    Eseu / Anatomie / Facultate

    Proteine. Intrebari iscate de-a lungul timpului In anii '70 si '80, culturistii aveau o singura intrebare despre proteine: ,,Cat de multe proteine trebuie sa mananc pentru a creste rapid?" Dupa ce problema cantitatii a fost, mai mult sau mai putin rezolvata, in anii '90 dezbaterea s-a...

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  • Imagine document Despre Călătorie

    Despre Călătorie

    Eseu / Limba Română / Facultate

    Calatoria reprezinta un fel de initiere, o initiere in arta de a trai, de a simti, de a fi fericit. De asemenea, calatoria este ceva ,,frumos" pe care il faci ,,bine", pentru ca vine din sufletul tau. Nu exista calatorii ,,urate", toate sunt experiente de neuitat pe care le poti...

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  • Imagine document Băncile, veriga de bază a instituțiilor de credit

    Băncile, veriga de bază a instituțiilor de credit

    Eseu / Economie / Liceu

    Institutiile de credit reprezinta societati care atrag depozite, acorda credite si/sau emit moneda electronica. In aceasta categorie sunt incluse: bancile, bancile de economisire-creditare, bancile de credit ipotecar, organizatiile coorporatiste de credit si institutiile emitente de...

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  • Imagine document Maimuța goală Desmond Morris

    Maimuța goală Desmond Morris

    Eseu / Sociologie / Facultate

    Autorul Desmond Morris afirma in cartea sa ca omul, in ciuda tuturor abilitatilor si vicleniei sale, este numai un animal. Gol, pentru ca si-a pierdut haina de blana, este totusi un animal ,asemeni celorlate animale. Cartea acestuia ne indeamna sa privim originile si sa studiem...

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  • Imagine document Impactul Industriei Energetice asupra Mediului

    Impactul Industriei Energetice asupra Mediului

    Eseu / Ecologie / Facultate

    Industria energetica sta la baza dezvoltarii economiei nationale, deoarece asigura cu energie electrica si termica toate sectoarele economiei, inclusiv spatiile administrative si cele locative. Aceasta ramura include extractia combustibilului (petrol, gaze naturale, carabine s.a.)...

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  • Imagine document Longevitate


    Eseu / Economie / Facultate

    Guiness Book, cercetatorilor rusi, care au descoperit ca azerii, armenii, abhazii, balkharii, ingusii si cecenii traiau toti sanatosi pana la varste foarte inaintate. Zonele Albastre Totusi, desi acesti oameni apartin prezentului si sunt exemple vii de longevitate, ei nu fac parte...

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  • Imagine document Viața de student

    Viața de student

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    Student's life is considered the most beautiful time of our lives. Student's life is an unique opportunity, that you can enjoy once in life , fact for which we must take advantage of it. Of course, like everything, it has a less pleasant side that you have to accept and learn how...

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  • Imagine document Neo Isolationism

    Neo Isolationism

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    Neo - isolationism - Neo-Isolationism advocates the United States remove itself from international politics in order to maintain its national security - United States is not responsible for, and cannot afford the costs of, maintaining world order - Neo-isolationism advises the United...

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  • Imagine document The Effect of a Parent în Child's Life

    The Effect of a Parent în Child's Life

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    The effect of a parent, teacher, or friend on your life I Believe That Parents, Teachers, and friends have effect on life year. Parents Are The Ones That They teach you right from wrong effect by teaching you how you to do things like cleaning, cooking, brushing your teeth to Even....

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  • Imagine document Opel versus Volkswagen

    Opel versus Volkswagen

    Eseu / Limba Engleză / Liceu

    In this essay, I will compare two brands that compete in automotive industry. Their products, are aimed at generally the same people, so it is fair to compare the two, Opel and Volkswagen. In this comparison I will not include associated companies of the two, I will strictly focus only...

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  • Imagine document Case study - Microsoft

    Case study - Microsoft

    Eseu / Marketing / Facultate

    1.Evaluate Microsoft's strategy in good and poor economic times. Microsoft's marketing strategy focuses on keeping its image and being in a continuous growth. Microsoft makes strong advertising and communication efforts to attract customers, to overtake its competitors but mainly to...

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  • Imagine document One Magic Christmas

    One Magic Christmas

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    My magic Christmas was at the same time the most peculier in my hole life. Eight years ago I spent my winter holliday at my grandparents, in a small village. That winter the snow was fantastic so my friends and I were very happy. On Christmas Eve we went in a neighbour village, over...

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  • Imagine document Many People Wrongly Believe that Fame Brings Happiness

    Many People Wrongly Believe that Fame Brings Happiness

    Eseu / Engleză / Facultate

    Many famous people seem to be very happy, but we don't really know if they are really happy, or the way they act is only a mask of their lives. Firstly, it is undoubtedly the case that we live in an age when many people are admired for simply being famous, rather than for the way in...

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