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  • Imagine document Quality and Innovation

    Quality and Innovation

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    1.1Literature review Regardless of what definitions innovation might have, such as, 'the introduction of an invention into methods of production' (Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary), 'the introduction of a new concept or significant improvement into the marketplace... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Adjectives


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    adjectives =words -> give extra information about nouns do not change their form to show number or gender: The leading role was played by a young boy. Several young girls took the secondary roles. many adjectives are formed from other words -> spelling changes adjectives... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Exchange market

    Exchange market

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    According to foreign exchange regulations 3/1997, subsequently amended, the national currency became convertible as from 30 January 1998. The so-called ''Capital account" transactions need to be approved by, or notified to the National Bank of Romania, depending on their exact... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Phonetic alphabet

    Phonetic alphabet

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    I. Vowels (12) [?] a scurt to cut [ k ? t ] enough [ i n ? f ] son [ s ? n] sun [ s ? n] * The words son and sun are homophones (words that have the same pronunciation). [a:] a lung far [ f a: ] to laugh [ l a: f ] art [ a: t ] rather [ ?r a: d ?r ] [?] a scurt letter [ l e... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Creditworthiness


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    I would evaluate the creditworthiness of the firms in the countries where I am doing business, namely Germany , Poland , Japan , Canada , Venezuela and China according to their bank credit. The country that I chose for doing trade is Germany One of the largest companies that has... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Global economic crisis

    Global economic crisis

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    In 2008-2009 much of the industrialized world entered into a deep recession. The complex of vicious circles which contributed to this crisis included high oil prices, high food prices and the collapse of a substantial housing bubble centered in the United States, which sparked an... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document World Tourims Organisation

    World Tourims Organisation

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    The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT), a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the leading international organization in the field of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourism policy issues and practical source of tourism know-how. With its headquarters in Madrid,... citeste tot proiectul

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  • Imagine document The analytic determination of the radiative loss of energy according to manufacturing parameters

    The analytic determination of the radiative loss of energy according to manufacturing parameters

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    The analyzed mathematical pattern is based on the transfer equation into a homogeneous thermic medium heated with a laser beam assisted by an active gas jet. In the determination of the temperature distribution one has to take into account the existent loss of energy through the... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Facebook


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    Facebook has recently been faced with the problem of fake news, these seems to have influenced important processes such as the american election. We think the social network found itself at the center of a debate about whether it aided Trump's surprise victory by allowing false news... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document From Mao to the Mall

    From Mao to the Mall

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    The article is about the Chinese economy, it presents the evolution of its development. The opinions are divided when comes about the fact that economic growth is due to the export or the domestic demand. Also the articles speaks about the impact of American recession on Chinese... citeste tot proiectul

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