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  • Imagine document Corporate social responsibility

    Corporate social responsibility

    Eseu / Engleza / Facultate

    Ethical issues are part of every organization in the prospect of making the management and the business to achieve its growth and success. Instances of an organizational management being faced with ethical dilemmas often subject the organization to a situation that may be difficult to... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Little Party Stars Business Plan

    Little Party Stars Business Plan

    Proiect / Engleza / Facultate

    1.1 The Product and Service Little Party Stars is a business that providing kids with education and entertainment. The products services offered will be divided into five packages. The products offered by package 1 will be Safety mats and ball pond and balls. Package 2 products services... citeste tot proiectul

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  • Imagine document Translation studies and cultural studies

    Translation studies and cultural studies

    Eseu / Engleza / Facultate

    Some linguists and translation theorists argue that translation focuses only on language issues, ignoring its cultural specificity. We believe that translators should pay attention to the linguistic aspect because translation is an act of transferring a text from one language to... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Managing a successful business project

    Managing a successful business project

    Referat / Engleza / Facultate

    P1 Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen scenario. A project management is the application of technical knowledge, skills, models and management of resources to achieve a goal. This involves identifying the objective and what would determine successes and... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Religious art and religious rules

    Religious art and religious rules

    Documentatie / Engleza / Facultate

    The Seventh Ecumenical council met in Nicaea (province Bithynia, Asia Minor) from 24 September to 13 October 787, at the initiative of the queen regent Irene. Also known as the second Synod of Nicaea, this ecumenical council of Orthodox bishops gathered 350 people and was chaired by St.... citeste tot documentatia

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  • Imagine document Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

    Persuasive computing and mobile healthcare

    Referat / Engleza / Facultate

    Most people are unaware of public health recommendations which help reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions. Healthcare experts and opinion leaders cite overwhelming evidence of an epidemic in diseases such as obesity and diabetes, despite numerous initiatives to... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Vegetarianism


    Referat / Engleza / Facultate

    To be or not to be? This is one of the most controversial questions when talking about this subject, mostly because the people are often confused and don't know anymore which is the right thing to be done. Having compelling arguments on both sides, it is often hard for them to decide... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

    Allianz Tiriac - Insurance company

    Referat / Engleza / Facultate

    Founded in 1890, Allianz is now one of the largest financial groups in the world. In 2004, on a consolidated basis, the Group achieved total revenues of 96.9 billion euros. Allianz brand is represented in more than 70 countries around the world, the network of economic entities forming... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document The Rape of the Lock

    The Rape of the Lock

    Curs / Engleza / Facultate

    Pastorals (pub. 1709) An Essay on Criticism (1711) [in verse] The Rape of the Lock (1712; 1714; 1717) Windsor-Forest (1713) The Iliad of Homer, tr. (1715-20)-- creative translation/imitation Eloisa to Abelard (1717)-- an Ovidian heroic epistle in verse (modelled on the Heroides)... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document New insights into the international technology transfer process

    New insights into the international technology transfer process

    Referat / Engleza / Facultate

    This research examined technology transfer in an international joint venture. No general relationship was found between the type of technology transferred and the specific methods used in the transfer of that technology. However, more complex technologies required relatively more effort... citeste tot referatul

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