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  • Imagine document The Rape of the Lock

    The Rape of the Lock

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    Pastorals (pub. 1709) An Essay on Criticism (1711) [in verse] The Rape of the Lock (1712; 1714; 1717) Windsor-Forest (1713) The Iliad of Homer, tr. (1715-20)-- creative translation/imitation Eloisa to Abelard (1717)-- an Ovidian heroic epistle in verse (modelled on the Heroides)... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Adjectives


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    adjectives =words -> give extra information about nouns do not change their form to show number or gender: The leading role was played by a young boy. Several young girls took the secondary roles. many adjectives are formed from other words -> spelling changes adjectives... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Phonetic alphabet

    Phonetic alphabet

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    I. Vowels (12) [?] a scurt to cut [ k ? t ] enough [ i n ? f ] son [ s ? n] sun [ s ? n] * The words son and sun are homophones (words that have the same pronunciation). [a:] a lung far [ f a: ] to laugh [ l a: f ] art [ a: t ] rather [ ?r a: d ?r ] [?] a scurt letter [ l e... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Medicina


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    There are two types of Hemophilia, A and B. Both are caused by deficiencies in the amount of clotting factor in the blood (VIII or IX). When the blood does not have enough of one of these or is missing one clotting factor, the bleeding may end very slowly or may not stop at all. The two... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Engleza


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    Folosirea articolului in limba engleza difera de limba romana. Articolul hotarat este the, iar articolul nehotarat este a (daca este urmat de un cuvant care incepe cu o vocala) sau an (daca este urmat de un cuvant care incepe cu o consoana), dar mai exista si articolul z e r o sau... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Engleza


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    Developing Arguments: Persuasive Communication. Why is communication such a critical issue for organisation? Why is it so difficult to communicate effectively? Communicating in organisations Effective communication can help an organisation to achieve: - Satisfied repeat customers;... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Fonetica engleza

    Fonetica engleza

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    Although intonation is one of the suprasegmental elements that are vital as a means of conveying meaning, it has been the least investigated of all the sound aspects of English. Intonation has several complex tasks: it attaches to meaning the mood of the speakers, as well as his... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Time and space

    Time and space

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    Contrasting Culture Values and Perceptions Conceptual tools to understand the complex unspoken rules of each culture. Tools: I.Fast and slow messages Finding the appropriate speed, the speed with witch particular message can be decoded and acted on is an important characteristic f... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Focus on communication

    Focus on communication

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    A. Presentation People are generally aware that success in one's life and career depends to a great extent on one's ability to communicate effectively. Because the first impression one makes is very important, each person has to know certain rules of greeting, of presenting oneself... citeste tot cursul

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  • Imagine document Why study intercultural communication

    Why study intercultural communication

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    As the world populace grows more aware of its interdependence it confronts the ever-shifting cultural, ecological, economic and technological realities that define life. The development of a global mind-set has become essential for human progress. This mindset can only result from... citeste tot cursul

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