The Da Vinci code

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It is no doubt that Brown will remain ingrained in the worldwide’ s history, as one of the most controversial authors of novels, decrypting susceptible ideas, the trickster who joggles with an infinite hoop of information.

Very confident in his writing, Brown is focusing in “The Da Vinci Code” on a very profound religious theme, more specifically, the feminine divine, the hidden symbols of the godlike fertility, the path of Rosa’s secrets, everything concealed behind the Sangreal term.

More specifically, “The code” refers to a protracted way into the depths of a hidden history of the calumny of the woman, from the degradation of Mary Magdalene to the injustice of everything that means feminism today.

At a first sight, it can be flattering to read a novel based on the feminine divine, coming from the opposite side. Because in the way Brown describes the symbols of the pentagram, the Saint Greal myths and the history of Jesus, it can be observed a vast amount of empathy to everything that involves “she”, even calling the Son of God “the first feminist in history”. Now that he put Jesus Christ on his side, Brown confidently continues his story affirming that the feminine divine had been hiding everywhere around people, but so less observe: in the Da Vinci’s paintings, in some of Mozart’s symphonies, dances, novels, or in Walt Disney’s cartoons.

Fundamentally, the author’s perception of life looks, from the above, as a rush in finding the divine truth, based on legends, such as the “Q” Documents (as he calls the existence of some possible documents written by Jesus himself) and the grave of Christ’s precursor, Mary Magdalene.

And this is a fundamental starting point; because one can not judge a book or any type of writing without considering the author’s perspective, the hidden meaning of the paragraphs involved, the essence of the algorithm the letters are forming on each page.

The storyline is attractive on the whole, not extremely impressive, but well contoured, serving as a pretense for Brown to point out the historical controversial ideas. And the result was maybe unexpected, as even he says that the novel’s fame came in a very abrupt manner.

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