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    Pollution is the release of chemicals, physical, biological or radioactive contaminants to the environment. Principal forms of pollution include: - air pollution, the release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere. Common examples include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide,... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Gramatica


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    1. It (rain) all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach. 2. A: Where is Gary? B: He (study, at the library) for his German test on Wednesday. In fact, he (review) for the test every day for the last week. 3. You look really great! (You, exercise) at the... citeste toată lectia

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    Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that "life is the greatest journey we will ever be on and time is the companion that goes with us on this journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Timpurile verbale

    Timpurile verbale

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    The present tense SimpleAff. Neg. Int.S + vb(prima forma) S + don't/doesn't + vb(prima forma) Do/Does + s + vb (prima forma ____________________ Ex:I always go to school every day. The present tense continousAff. Neg. Int.S + to be + vb-ing S + to be (negativ) + vb-ing To... citeste toată lectia

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  • Imagine document Death


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    Death is an aspect of life that everyone becomes acquainted with sooner or later. Throughout time, people have had obsessions with death and all things related to death and the afterlife. In past times, people would form cults around death gods and figures. Saint Death, or the... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Xperia X1

    Xperia X1

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    "XPERIA- represents the first brand that is truly borne from within Sony Ericsson. It represents our vision for a premium, energised communication experience," said Dee Dutta, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "This launch, and the announcement of the X1, further... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Motivation letter

    Motivation letter

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    My name is , and I am applying for the DAAD-OSI Scholarship. I am currently in my last year of studies working towards completing my Bachelor's degree in Economics and Law with a specialization in Economics. I believe that my field of interest will help me become an influential... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Greece culture

    Greece culture

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    Greece is a country of a great interests and diverse cultures, influenced by its location, at the junction between the East and the West and by the many occupations endured by the Greek people throughout history.Greeks in Greece are particularly proud of their culture, country and speak... citeste tot proiectul

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  • Imagine document One day in Iasi

    One day in Iasi

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    The tour: Londra-Iasi (by plane)-Suceava-Piatra Neamt-Sighetu Marmatiei-Cluj Napoca-Londra Day 1: -at 1 o'clock AM the plane arrives in Iasi. - By 8:30 o'clock AM the tourists will rest at the Astoria Hotel. -At 9 o'clock the breakfast will be searved in the Hotel Restaurant.... citeste tot referatul

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  • Imagine document Welcome to Roumania

    Welcome to Roumania

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    The Roumanian regions reunites zones with tradition and turistic potential, either geographical reasons, either etnografics and folkloric reasons. Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Bucovina, Maramuresul, Transilvania and Banatul each have theire charm. Although Romania is a... citeste tot referatul

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