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  • Imagine document Homonyms


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    In linguistics, a homonym (from Gr. "homos" means "the same", "omona" means "name") is, in the strict sense, one of a group of words that share the same spelling and the same pronunciation but have different meanings. Thus homonyms are... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Culture in Britain

    Culture in Britain

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    The United Kingdom (UK) is rich and varied in culture, with significant influence on the development of world culture. The country is a political union of formerly independent states, with each home nation preserving a distinct culture. The UK's earliest literature can be traced back... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Bermuda Triangle

    Bermuda Triangle

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    Death's Geometry Samewere, in the Atlantic Ocean, in United States south- east open off the coast, exists an area, suggestive denumit "The devil's Triangle", where strange phenomenons are happening. It seams like here, over the time, have disappeared, plane and simple, with... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Morometii


    Eseu / Limba si literatura romana / Liceu

    Scriitor realist, Marin Preda stie sa dezvaluie complicatiile nabanuite ale sufletului omului simplu, sa creeze astfel un taran complex, conectat la tensiunea vietii contemporane, "cu o viata psihologica normala" (Eugen Simion), apt sa devina erou de proza moderna, din... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document The movement from Neoclass to Romantic poetry

    The movement from Neoclass to Romantic poetry

    Eseu / Limba engleza / Liceu

    The Age of Neoclassicism was followed by a transitional period also known as Pre-Romanticism. It developed during the last decades of the 18th century. There was a reaction against classicism and reason and a search for new models of poetry taken no longer from ancient Rome and Greece... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Food word

    Food word

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    I will start to talk about Mexican cuisine characteristic. Mexican cuisine, a blend of traditional and European elements, is known for its variety of ingredients for colourful decorations and tasty, but also for the variety of spices and most are specific to Mexico. Among the most... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Simbolismul european si romanesc

    Simbolismul european si romanesc

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    Simbolismul este un vechi limbaj catalizator universal care releva complicate percepte si credinte, impartasind informatii si starnind emotii mai puternice decat un intreg dosar.Este intradevar o forma internationala de comunicare ce depaseste barierele de limba, istorie,... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Vermeer


    Eseu / Limba engleza / Liceu

    In this argumentative essay I want to demonstrate the importance of Vermeer. Johannes Vermeer of Delft, also known as Jan Vermeer or Johannes van der Meer, is now considered to be one of great Dutch masterpainters. However, his work was forgotten after his death in 1675. It was not... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Romania si Integrarea Europeana. Avantaje si Costuri ale Integrarii Romaniei in Uniunea Europeana

    Romania si Integrarea Europeana. Avantaje si Costuri ale Integrarii Romaniei in Uniunea Europeana

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    Romania este prima tara din Europa Centarala si de Est care a stabilit relatii oficiale cu Comunitatea Europeana. Primele contacte au fost stabilite in anul 1967 cand au fost initiate negocierile pentru incheierea unei serii de acorduri tehnico-sectoriale privind anumite produse... citeste tot eseul

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  • Imagine document Piata Muncii

    Piata Muncii

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    Piata muncii sau piata fortei de munca poate fi definita ca spatiul economic in care se intalnesc, se confrunta si se negociaza in mod liber pe de o parte cererea de forta de munca de catre detinatorul de capital in calitate de cumparator si ofertantul reprezentat prin posesorii de... citeste tot eseul

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